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Ornamental Cichlids Best of Show


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Natural and Ornamental Cichlid People’s Choice


Division A – North/Central America


Best of Division A – North/Central America

Claudia Dickinson

Class 1 – Amphilophus, Large Ex-Cichlasoma & Tomocichla
Amphilophus, Ex-Cichlasoma ( -bocourti, -pearsei), Tomocichla
Class 2 – Herichthys, Thorichthys & Similar
Amatitlania, Archocentrus, Astatheros, Crytoheros, ExCichlasoma: all other species not in class 1, Herichthys,Herotilapia, Rocio, Thorichthys

Michael Liu

Class 3 – Paratheraps & Similar
Chuco, Hypsophrys, Neetroplus, Paratheraps, Paraneetroplus, Theraps, Vieja
Class 4 – Parachromis, Nandopsis and Similar
Nandopsis, Petenia, Parachromis


Division B – South America


Best of Division B – South America

Class 5 – Symphysodon
All Syphysodon sp.

Mike Helford

Class 6 – Pterophyllum
All Pterophyllum sp.
Class 7 – Apistogramma & Similar
Apistogramma, Apistogrammoides, Biotoecus, Crenicara, Dicrossus, Mikrogeophagus, Taeniacara
Class 8 – Geophagines
Acarichthys, Biotodoma, Geophagus, “Geophagus”, Gymnogeophagus, Guianacara, Retroculus, Satanoperca

Andrew Hudson

Class 9 – Acaras & Similar
Aequidens, Acaroni, Australoheros, Bujurquina, Cichlasoma, Cleithracara, Hypselacara, Ivanacara, Krobia, Laetacara, Nannacara, Tahuantinsuyoa
Class 10 – Pikes cichlids
Crenicichla, Teleocichla

Mike Schadle

Class 11 – All Other South America
Astronotus, Cichla, Caquetaia, Cheatobranchopsis, Cheatobranchus, Heroina, Heros, Hoplarchus, Mazarunia, Mesonauta, Uaru

Division C – Africa Rift Lake


Best of Division C – Africa Rift Lake

Class 12 – Lake Malawi Mbuna Group
Cynotilapia, Genyochromis, Gephyrochromis, Iodotropheus, Labeotropheus, Labidochromis, Melanochromis, Metriaclima, Petrotilapia, Pseudotropheus, Tropheops
Class 13 – Lake Malawi Aulonacara Group
Aulonocara, Lethrinops, Taeniolethrinops, Tramitichromis
Class 14 – Lake Malawi Haplochromis Group
Alticorpus, Astatotilapia caliptera, Caprichromis, Chilotilapia, Copadichromis,Corematodus, Ctenopharynx, Cyrtocara, Diplotaxodon, Nyassachromis,Otopharynx, Placidochromis, Protomelas, Scianochromis, Tramitichromis, Aristochromis, Buccochromis, Champsochromis, Dimidiochromis, Exochromis, Fossorochromis, Hemitaeniochromis, Lichnochromis, Mylochromis, Naevochromis, Nimbochromis, Stigmatochromis, Taeniochromis, Tyrannochromis


Class 15 – Lake Tanganyika Lamprologus, Julidochromis and similar
Altolamprologus, “Lamprologus”, Lepidiolamprologus, Neolamprologus,Variabilichromis, Chalinochromis, Julidochromis, Telmatochromis
Class 16 – Lake Tanganyika Featherfins, Sand-dwellers, Cyprichromis and similar
Asprotilapia, Aulonocranus, Bathybates, Benthochromis, Callochromis, Cardiopharynx, Cunningtonia, Cyathopharynx, Cyprichromis, Ectodus, Enantiopus, Ophthalmotilapia,Paracyprichromis, Trematocara, Xenotilapia
Class 17 – Lake Tanganyika Tropheus, Cyphotilapia and Others not included elsewhere
Boulengerochromis, Ctenochromis, Cyphotilapia, Eretmodus, Gnathochromis, Grammatotria, Greenwoodochromis, Limnochromis, Lobochilotes, Petrochromis, Simochromis, Spathodus, Tanganicodus, Tropheus

Division D – Africa Non-rift Lake, Madagascar and Asia


Best of Division D – Africa Non-rift Lake, Madagascar and Asia

Class 18 – Chromidotilapines
Benitochromis, Chromidotilapia, Congochromis, Divandu, Limbochromis, Nanochromis, Parananochromis, Pelvicachromis, Teleogramma, Thysochromis
Class 19 – Tilapines and similar
Chilochromis, Etia, Gobiocichla, Heterochromis, Konia, Myaka, Oreochromis (including Rift Lake), Pungu, Saratherodon, Steatocranus, Stomotepia, Tilapia, Tylochromis
Class 20 – Hemichromines, Lamprologines and similar
Anomalochromis, Hemichromis, Lamprologus, Pelmatochromis, Pterochromis

Lenny Lllambí

Class 21 – Haplochromines
All Lake Victoria, and Lake Victorian Basin haplochromines, Chetia, Ctenochromis, Cyclopharynx, Orthochromis, Pharyngochromis, Pseudocrenalibrus, Sargochromis, Schwetzochromis, Serranochromis
Class 22 – Malagasy and Asian
All genera endemic to Madagascar and Asia

Paul Loiselle


Ornamental Cichlids

Class 1B – Discus (genus Symphysodon)

In memory of

“Discus” Dick Breitfelder

Class 2B – Angelfish (genus Pterophyllum)
Class 3B – New World Cichlids (other than discus and angelfish)

All Oddball Aquatics

Class 4B – Old World Cichlids

Art and Photography


Best of Art and Photography

Class 1A – Photography
Digital, slide and film photography that has not been manipulated in any way other that what can be accomplished in a dark room on photographic paper.
Class 2A – Altered photography
Photographs that have been changed into works of art through digital manipulation or physical application of color or other media.
Class 3A – Frameable art and t-shirt designs
Paintings, drawings, silk screens, etchings, prints and similar.
Class 4A – 3-Dimensional art
Sculptures, models and similar



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